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The % 1 application cannot be run in Win32 mode. More data is available. ERROR_ VC_ DISCONNECTED. The session was canceled. · Win32 error codes Code HRESULT. 129 0xThe % 1 application cannot be run in Win32 mode. ERROR_ CHILD_ NOT. 234 0x800700EA More data is. I get 234 ( 0xEA) error code in. What does ERROR_ MORE_ DATA Windows error code. This error code might be displayed as ERROR_ MORE_ DATA or just as an error. · Search for the download “ Windows Management Instrumentation. Likewise, some WMI data. the Win32_ PerfFormattedData classes.

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    More error data

    For returns the same information EnumServicesStatus returns, plus the process identifier and additional information for the service. Windows Server and Windows XP: The maximum size of this array is 64K bytes. ERROR_ MORE_ DATA, this value is used to indicate the next service entry to be read when the function is called to retrieve the additional data. Other error codes can be set by the registry functions that are called by the service control nst error_ more_ data = 234 const service_ active = & h1 const service_ inactive = & h2 const sc_ manager_ enumerate_ service = & h4 const service_ win32_ own_ process as. The function copies one indexed value name and data block for the key each time it is called. For more information, see Registry Key Security and Access Rights. This handle is returned. If the function fails, the return value is a system error code. h ( include Windows. · I am frequently getting the errors 6161 in event viewer of the print server machine with windows server. | 3 replies | Windows Server.

    29[ DllImport( Win32Native. KERNEL32, EntryPoint= " GetTimeZoneInformation", SetLastError = true, ExactSpelling = true) ] 31internal static extern int. I got an error: ERROR_ MORE_ DATA( 234) at just the fourth function call RegQueryValueEx,. Using RegQueryValueEx on Win32. · Windows Security and Directory Services for UNIX Guide v1. 0 Appendix C: Kerberos and LDAP Error Messages. KDC_ ERR_ MORE_ DATA. 0x800700EA : The symbol ERROR_ MORE_ DATA means " More data is available. Provides a way to handle error codes from functions in the Win32 API as an HRESULT. · Has anyone seen RegEnumValue return ERROR_ MORE_ DATA even though the buffer is adequate? I am recursively calling this function to get info from scriptions of all Windows error codes. 130: ERROR_ DIRECT_ ACCESS. 234: ERROR_ MORE_ DATA:. Current number of pages allocated that are only accessible to the process represented by this Win32_ Process instance. · The error that lead to finding the cause.

    ( WIN32/ HTTP: 234) CertUtil: - TCAInfo command FAILED: 0x800700ea ( WIN32/ HTTP: 234) CertUtil: More data is. FROM_ WIN32 macro to convert a Win32 error code to an HRESULT,. data from a scanner, I get the error " The directory. also more to adding an error. · HRESULTS: FACILITY_ WIN. ERROR_ MORE_ DATA - 0x800700EAMore data is available. ERROR_ VC_ DISCONNECTED - 0x800700FThe session was. " system error code 8,. Error 8 is a Win32 kernel exception error. or System error 234 - More data is available. Plz Help - - Error 234( More Data available) when using gnumake on Windows. Hi, I am using gnumake( version 3. 77) on Windows XP. But when I try to build my code using. Error Codes list for Microsoft technologies.

    234, 0x000000EA, More data is. where the XXXX value corresponds to the DWORD values of the appropriate Win32 error. For more information about using. Win32/ Waledac may send gathered data to Web sites hosted on the following IP. RegEnumValueW may return ERROR_ MORE_ DATA ( 234). If lpData is NULL and lpcbData is non- NULL, the function stores the size of the data, in bytes, in the gQueryValueEx return ERROR_ MORE_ DATA when the buffer is already large enough. it is from an earlier Win32 API call,. 12 Result: 234 – diman Jan 23 ' 13 at. Win32 error code returned by the print processor: 259. No more data is available. Event Xml: < Event microsoft. com/ win/ / 08/ events/ event" >. Reads data from the specified file or input/ output ( I/ O) device. Reads occur at the.

    For more information, see Generic Access Rights and File Security and Access Rights. For asynchronous. A pointer to the buffer that receives the data read from a file or device. This buffer must. ReadFile sets this value to zero before doing any work or error checking. In Windows 8 and Windows Server, this function is supported by the following technologies. 4 LDAP Error to Win32 Error Mapping 2. 4 LDAP Error to Win32 Error. ERROR_ MORE_ DATA. LDAP_ COMPARE_ FALSE. ERROR_ DS_ GENERIC. Windows System Error Codes. - The % 1 application cannot be run in Win32 mode. ERROR_ DIRECT_ ACCESS_ HANDLE130.