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Curl error 401 authentication required

Cause: This issue occurs when there is a request with localhost. Hello all, I' m trying to run a simple GET request through the JIRA API. However, every time I run the code, I am getting a 401 Unauthorized error, despite using my admin username password. What am I missing in my snippet appears you have authorization enabled in Apache on your server but you don' t realize it at the moment because your browser is caching the username and password for you. You have to set the CURLOPT_ USERPWD. 1 401 Unauthorized Server: nginx/ 1. 7 Date: Mon, 07: 48: 47 GMT Content- Type:. Specify the user name and password to use for server authentication. If you use a Windows SSPI- enabled curl binary and perform Kerberos V5, Negotiate, NTLM or Digest authentication then you can tell curl to select the. Note that you do not need - - basic flag as it is the default.

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    Authentication error curl

    HTTP Error 401 – Unauthorized. ログインID、 パスワードを入力してもこのエラー メッセージが表示される場合は、 どちらかを間違って入力しているか、 またはウェブ. 407 Proxy authentication requiredの原因と対処法 « bmoo. Note that using - - anyauth is not recommended if you do uploads from stdin, since it may require data to be sent twice. Digest authentication cannot take place without the first 401 response from the server. というわけで、 最近、 curlでPOSTしたりDELETEしたりcookieからSessionを読み込ん だりと触れ合う機会が多かったので、 その時知ったものを備忘録も兼ねて. 52325 X- You- Are- Authenticated- As: anonymous X- You- Are- In- Group: X- Required- Permission: hudson. curl - sS - u yasuhiroki : miss - f curl: ( 22) The requested URL returned error: 401 $ echo $? If you run a kinit command as the knox user, when trying to access WebHDFS you might see " 401 Unauthorized" with " Error 401 Authentication required". For example, running the following command: curl - ik - u USER: PASSWORD - X GET. DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC " - / / IETF/ / DTD HTML 2. 0/ / EN" > < html> < head> < title> 401 Authorization Required< / title> < / head> < body> < h1> Authorization Required< : / h1> < p> This server could not verify that you are authorized om : d w < dpwork_ at_ hotmail. com> Date : Mon, 14: 11:. I am using curl at client sites to monitor the process of scripts that run every night. I have run into an issue with one of the clients that is causing me great grief.