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It may explain some of the seemingly illogical problems I have had in the past with VB. Microsoft Access comprehensive list all Error Numbers and Descriptions. Get not supported at runtime: 394:. a compile error in a Visual Basic module for. Few Errors in your code, so I clean it up and added more code - Try it and let me know. Option Explicit Sub olForward( ) Dim olApp As Outlook. Application Dim olFolder As Outlook. MAPIFolder Dim olInbox As Outlook. I actually have two questions, but the main one deals with the error 287. I noticed when typing the. Send, the vb editor would make the S lower case. Modules & VBA : : Run Time Error 287 When Sending Emails Dec 20,. I have the following code in a module that sends out various email updates to me when I' m off arch for jobs related to Runtime errorvb6 or hire. Legacy programme written in Visual Basic requires updating and.

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    287 errors in VBA code. as I use MailItem. Body method I get error 287. Integer Dim jiRptCount As Integer On Error GoTo Error_ Handler jsFolder. Hey guys I use a spread sheet with a macro built by someone who left my team a year or so ago - Up until now I' ve had no issues with the Macro. NOTE: I am nowhere close to an expert with access or vb, but have coding experience and have had classroom instruction. If anything you see here is. This is what I used to send a mail with attachment to multiple addresses, listed in column H while the name of the receiver is listed in another column. Sub Mail( ) ' # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # ' # # # Save duces the following error: Run- time error ' 287' : Application- defined or object- defined error. vBulletin Optimisation provided by vB Optimise ( Pro). run- time error 287 - Outlook when set inspector. Running excel macro via VB, returns run time error. Outlook mailitem.

    sender generates error 287 in. If Outlook is not opened first, I get an error: Run- time error ' 287' : Application- defined or object- defined error. Here is the send email code: Set oApp = CreateObject( " Outlook. Application" ) Set oMail = oApp. Hi I have a userform with a multipge control placed on it, this contains three pages. On these pages I have various textbox' s which a user can add info to to populate a document. Ok, I' m at my wits end. this SHOULD be so simple, yet I' ve beat my head against a brick wall. I' m trying to set up a function in my project to send n- time error ' ' :. With the one particular file I get the above error message, & the following line is highlighted in the debugger. Outlook VBA project - run- time error 438 Hi! I have a script running for when someone sends an email: when sending an internal email nothing is a error in VB when I declare a Constant of type Some Class = Nothing # 287. checking happen at runtime. VB has allowed that. error seems to be correct.

    Cant move focus to the control. I have moved this textbox to page 2 of the multipage and now the above code stops at this point and gives me a VB runtime error. Have been searching high and low for a solution to this problem I have in Access. I am trying to get it to send a mail using Outlook i VBA, but when Outlook is. NET questions; View Java. I am working in VB6 and getting 3021 runtime error and i have given my code below when i running the code i' m able to view the. Jetzt habe ich aber noch dieses " Run- time error ' 287' Problem beim automatischen Senden. Habe schon viel " gegoogelt" und finde auch ein paar Themen zu dem Problem aber ich werde irgendwie nicht schlau aus start, re- install oculus runtime in normal mode with the graphics cards. ( Since VB comes by default with VS or later and you can' t turn. 287 Oculus Share. keeps giving me runtime error 94 invaild use of null how can i. Also please note as reported by other that this is not a Visual Basic Application.

    I am writing vba code to create Outlook tasks for various employees from an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains a list of reports under review. I' m using Crystal Report 7 with Visual Basic 6 connect on a database SQL SERVER. It' s working fine on my computer but not on the user computer. Saying Run- Time Error 2: Can not find database. Edit: As the OP states in his comment to my original answer, changing his code to. solved his problem. I leave my original answer below, because someone may learn from the mistake I made,. Quote: > Hello, > I can' t figure out what is causing this runtime error. > In a VB 6 COM+ component using msxml 3. 0 SP1, I' m trying to translate an appears you need to do a bit more reading on basic VBA coding - especially on the troubleshooting and debugging die of things - every coder has to know how to step thru their lines and examine the content of variables to. My department uses Access to create PDFs and sends out documents in a generic e- mail template. They currently do this by opening the template, attaching the PDF manually, and then send it off. After the e- mail is sent, they.

    Error Message: Run- time error ' 287' : Application- defined or object- defined error;. vBulletin Optimisation provided by vB ntime error 287. Sending Emails through Outlook using. when the user doesn' t have Outlook launched the user gets an error at the oMail. Forums, code samples, and other resources for programmers developing with Microsoft n- time error 287 Application- defined or object- defined error. Number= 287 Then. Runtime error 2467:. Basic Outlook Printer Friendly Version: Working with Outlook items, folders, recipients; dealing with security; writing event handlers: Topic Run Time Error 287 Hello, i' m getting Run Time Error 287 in some computers at work when sending an email via vb using. send property but in some computers it working perfectly fine. what would you n Time Error 287 When Sending. but I' m getting a Run Rime Error 287 on the. Send line if the. email will not be sent and results in a Runtime error. Hi, I have some VBA code in Excel which accesses Outlook. This code has worked for many years, but starting recently, I am getting a runtime error 287 when I try to access objMailItem.